Victory For Troubled Youth
Missionaries to the Juvenile Delinquents of America
Ralph (R.E.) and Sandy Stokes

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            Greetings to all our supporters, friends, family, and all who pray for us, and this ministry:  We pray this finds all of you doing well in our Lord Jesus Christ.  He is worthy of all we could ever do or say for him.  I thank him daily for his great grace by which he saved me, and for his great faith by which I live.  

    First, Iíll tell you of our physical well-being.  Most, if not all, of you know that on April 16 this year this writer had a heart attack.  Most, if not all, of you know that because of that I have two stents in one of the arteries to my heart.  Iím doing well.  Iím able to walk 4 miles every other day, and do so.  I see the heart doctor again September 10.  Thank you for your prayers.  My wife, Sandy, is having her right knee operated on this Friday, August 8.  Its outpatient surgery, but weíd sure appreciate your prayers, for any operation can be very serious. Sheíll be on a walker for a few days, but we trust that through the mercy of our Lord Jesus, that soon sheíll be walking freely.

   Second, the juvenile work here in Alabama continues, and grows.  Soon, New Home Baptist Church in Wetumpka, AL will begin ministering at one of the dorms at Mt. Meigs. The pastor at New Home Baptist Church is Dave Maddox.  Pray for them as they undertake this work. There are several dorms there (each with 20-30 boys in them) that have no preaching in them on Tuesday nights.  This church will start with one dorm.   Do keep them in your prayers.  Continue to pray also for the work in Thomasville, AL.  Walker Springs Road Baptist Church does that one on Thursday nights.  The pastor there is David Webb.

    Third, and last, we are working on the juvenile systems in Missouri and Pennsylvania for next year.   We plan to work in Missouri from February into May, then go to Pennsylvania and work there from June through the rest of the year.  We currently have no works going on in either of those states. If you know of any churches in either state that would be interested in this ministry, either let them know about us, or let us know about them.  Later this year, sometime around the middle of September, we are pulling out to Nebraska for a missionís conference in Hastings, NE at Grace Baptist Church.  We are attempting to get meetings in Iowa for the last two Sundays in October and the first two in November.  If you can help with this, let us know.

Our contact info remains the same: 

Our phone: 704 798 9906.  Our email: 

Our support address:  Victory for Troubled Youth, PO Box 1090, Millbrook, AL 36054.

Our sending church: Victory Baptist Church, Millbrook, AL.  Our Pastor, Steve Sanders.

Our church phone: 334 285 5082.


VFTY Bible Fund: $345.62.  Iím ordering two cases to be used by New Home Baptist Church in the juvenile work at Mt. Meigs.  The cases (32 Bibles each) cost $82.56 with free shipping. That will reduce the amount in the Fund by that much.

Also, keep in prayer the truck we use to pull this trailer.  Itís got some problem of stalling out on me when backing up.   And, it doesnít seem to have the power it did have.


Ralph and Sandy Stokes