Victory For Troubled Youth
Missionaries to the Juvenile Delinquents of America
Ralph (R.E.) and Sandy Stokes

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    Greetings once again in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ...the coming KING of Kings and LORD of Lords...the one to whom every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that he is Lord; I'm thankful that he not only saved my soul, but allows me to serve him.

    This finds us still in Texas, and we will be coming back to Texas after Thanksgiving. There's much work to do here among the juveniles.


1.      Brownwood, TX.  We were there at the Ron Jackson State Juvenile Correctional Complex, and were allowed to preach. Several juveniles came to know the Lord Jesus Christ, and Alison Voss, (the volunteer coordinator) says the door is open any time we can get by there. We are still looking for a local church to take that work, but by the grace of God I will get back by there.

2.      Waco, TX.  The McLennan County State Juvenile Correctional Facility is there. Paul Jhant is the chaplain. Thank you for the help in getting Bibles there. We were able to send him 6 cases, 32 in a case. We were allowed to preach there, and again several juveniles came to know the Lord Jesus Christ. I got to go to the dorms, and in one I was talking to the boys, and one of them said, “I'm a Catholic”. I told him the Lord Jesus saves Catholics, Baptist, Methodists, any sinner that will call upon him. He said “How do I get saved?”.  I showed him, and he called upon the Lord for salvation. Then he wanted to know what to tell his parents. They are Catholic too. Pray for him and his parents. He wants to see them saved, but is concerned about telling them.

3.      Victoria, TX.  Victoria Regional Juvenile Justice Facility...This one is open to the ministry on the 4th Saturday of the month. It doesn't have a central place to bring the boys, so we go to the units. The units have a max of 12 youth in each of them, and there are 6 units. Well, the 4th Saturday in September I and two men from Western Hills Baptist Church went.  I told the guard I had 12 Bibles and we'd like to go to a unit with 12 youth. He took us in. There were 12 boys in the unit, and 9 came to the service. We gave out the Bibles, prayed with them, and I started to preach. The guard came in and said he needed to talk to us 3 men. He took us out into the hallway, and said, “You guys are not cleared, you'll have to leave.”  The director had emailed me and told me we ARE cleared, but we had to leave. The boys DID get to keep the Bibles. Pray for that church, Pastor Roger Parrish in Victoria.  Pray that Lynette Acuna (the director) will get this cleared up and they will be allowed to minister there on the 4th Saturday of October, and continue.

4.      Corpus Christi, TX.  Nueces County Juvenile Justice Center is slightly open. They are looking for people to mentor the youth. Mentors can come on Mondays from 5PM to 6PM, and Saturdays and Sundays.  Pray for Bible Believers Baptist Church, Pastor Bevins Welder. They are going to take on this mentoring. Pray the Lord opens the door wider that they might actually be able to preach in there.

5.      Sinton, TX. The San Patricio County Juvenile Detention Center is there, and Bible Baptist Church, Beeville, TX, Pastor Dywane Burrell, are hoping to get the work going there. We don't know how wide the door is open...Jessie Rodriguez, the director, told us to get finger printed, and get our information to him, and he will let us know what we can do. Pray the door is open wide. 

6.      Edinburg, TX. Evins Regional Juvenile Center. The chaplain here is a Catholic priest. However, he told me he is looking for someone to take the church service here at 3PM every Sunday.  On Sunday October 24,  three men and I are going in to preach Jesus Christ to these boys. There are over 100 boys in this facility.  Harvest Baptist Church here in Edinburg (Pastor Dale Yontz) is where the three men are members. Pray the Lord will raise up a man here to take this work every Sunday.


    Finally, pray for us. We have to travel back to Alabama for doctor appointments. Traveling down to Edinburg we had a tire on the trailer blow out. Thankfully, that was all. I'm to be at my cancer doctor's on November 11. Sandy is doing pretty well....she's had a head cold for the last few days that has slowed her down. Keep her in your prayers.


   We thank you all so much for your support and prayers. Without God's people praying and giving, not much work of God would get done in this world. Does he have to have us?  No, the rocks of the ground could cry out, but the Lord God chooses to use us. Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me.


Our contact info remains the same:


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sending church, Victory Baptist Church, Millbrook, AL

Pastor:  Steve Sanders.  Contact him, in the mornings at 334 285 5082


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Ralph and Sandy Stokes