Victory For Troubled Youth
Missionaries to the Juvenile Delinquents of America
Ralph (R.E.) and Sandy Stokes

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Victory for Troubled Youth

November 9, 2008

Greetings once again to all our supporters, family, and friends; thank you once again for your faithful support and prayers. It’s no doubt that we live in troublesome times, but our God is still God.  His word is still faithful and true. His love is still without bounds.  His grace is still sufficient.  We plan to keep getting more and more works in the juvenile facilities as long as the doors stay open. 

 I have some troubled writing this.  My left arm was injured about 2 months ago. (I was underneath the trailer working on the black water valve, and strained a tendon, or something. It makes typing difficult. We’re home, and our family doctor is scheduling an MRI to see what’s going on. ) So, this letter may not be very long.

1.       1.  Nebraska. We went to Nebraska for a mission’s conference with Pastor Rob Thornton (Grace Baptist Church, Hastings, NE) before I went out there I called the Hastings Regional Center about the ministry, and it appeared open. But, when we got there, the staff there told me they had all the ministry they needed. I found out that Youth for Christ are there, and are opposed to this ministry.  We’ve run into them in other facilities out West.  However, I did get to preach in a juvenile center about an hour and a half from Hastings. There were 60 or 70 boys there, and 15 said they got saved that morning.   I believe prayer could open the door at the Hastings Regional Center.  Pastor Thornton and his church would be excited about taking the work.

2.      2.  Iowa.  We found some doors open in Iowa so we contacted some churches there.  We called two churches in Iowa about presenting the work, and Pastor Ken Koske  at Twin Pines Baptist Church in Cedar Rapids, IA as well as Pastor Tom Shipley at Calvary Baptist Church in Batavia, IA were very gracious in working out their schedules for us.  We had problems with RV while parked in Hastings, NE, so both pastors changed our meeting times.   Plus, Grace Baptist Church, Marion, IA,  Pastor Cecil Ballard, let us park our RV there, let me present the work on a Wednesday night (unscheduled) and one of the men in church helped me greatly in getting our slides working on the trailer again!  Doors possibly open in Iowa are:  Four Oaks, Tanager Place, Foundation 2, and the Linn County Juvenile Detention Center. Those are in, and around, Cedar Rapids.  Near Batavia in a city named Agency, is the Agency Shelter. Pastor Shipley and his church are very interested in getting a work in that place. Those of you who get our emails know that a lady at the facility named Tammy, sounded interested in the work, but had to speak to her supervisor about it. At this date, we still have not heard from her.

3.      3.  Finally, some of you know that about 10 years ago my home church, Victory Baptist Church, Millbrook, AL attempted to start a boys’ home called The Old Pathway Academy.  We had a vision of having a place that no child needing to be there would ever be turned away. While I was home earlier in the year, one of the men in my church reminded me that missionaries start works then turn them over to other able men. He asked, “Why don’t you do that with the Old Pathway Academy?”  And, the Spirit of God agreed! So, by God’s grace we are beginning that.  We are asking the Lord to begin by providing the place and the buildings to get it started.  We ask you to commit it to prayer.  While in Nebraska we were reminded why it is needed.  Nebraska enacted the “Safe Haven Law”, and it became effective July 1.  In two months 19 youth were dropped off at hospitals, police agencies, and fire stations. The law was intended to stop the throw away of babies, but the result was youth from 10 to 18 years old!  If only we had a place where those youth could be taken and shown God’s way of life.  Please, pray.

4.      4. This does not mean that we are not going to continue to work the juvenile centers in America. We are already beginning to work the juvenile centers in Missouri and Pennsylvania for next year.  We are simply asking our Lord to show us what to do regarding a place for these troubled youth.


Thank you again, so much, for your support and prayers. 

Ralph and Sandy Stokes


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Thank you for your support and prayers.