Victory For Troubled Youth
Missionaries to the Juvenile Delinquents of America
Ralph (R.E.) and Sandy Stokes

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        Greetings once again to all our supporters, friends, and family...the Lord Jesus Christ is still coming again (thank  you, Lord) and is still the KING of Kings and LORD of Lords.  If, perchance, you don't know my Lord Jesus Christ, I beg of you, call on him today before it's too late.

      The Lord has allowed us to get juvenile ministries started in many places of these United States. There is still much work to do, and we ask for your prayers  that the doors will be open around the country to let the gospel be preached to those lost boys and girls.  However, from time to time we get updates from those works and the following is from a Pastor in Danville, VA, and we were able to get a work started in the juvenile center there back in 2006: Pastor Chad Branch, Victory Baptist Church in Danville, VA writes:


“Hello Bro. Ralph!  Just wanted to let you know how things were going with us here in Danville, VA.  As of  April, we have completed 4 years of ministry at the W.W. Moore Juvenile Correction Center  in Danville and so far we have not missed a single Sunday! To God be the Glory.   We keep going every Sunday and now have a brother from Dayspring Baptist coming every Sunday. We continue to see souls saved.  Just this past Sunday, one of the staff that I have built a great deal of trust with asked me if I would mind going into the girls' pod (never been there before). I quickly accepted knowing this staff person usually steers me to the pods with the biggest need.  Well, there were 6 girls in the pod (including a set of twins) and all six RECEIVED CHRIST!  Praise God. Another blessing is to see how God uses us to touch the hearts of the staff. One such person is Joey Kierson.  A couple months ago, he walked into our church on Sunday morning with his fiancee' Beth. I was thrilled to see him as it was totally unexpected. He started attending every other Sun day (the weekends he had off) and bringing his fiancee'.  We visited him at his apartment one night and found out the story:  He was raised in a Jehovah Witness home, but never got into that false religion.  He said all his life he had searched for the truth.  Then, when I started coming into his pods preaching, he liked what he heard and it soon affected his heart.  He went home one night after work and prayed to receive Christ as his Saviour!! Now,  he is enrolled at the police academy in Petersburg, VA and has moved there, and plans to marry in September.  A couple Sundays ago, I had the privilege of baptizing him and his fiancee' (she was already saved, but wanted to do it with him to rededicate her life). I have found them a good church in the area and they have been attending.  Ain't God good?? Please pray for us as we continue to labor for the Lord in Danville. “


On another note, we are still looking for a man to stand in the gap for a boys' home.  Here in Alabama we have an open door for such. The state legislature in 1984 made it so that if the school is underneath the authority of the church, then the education association has no say so. This boys' home would be a boarding school  The Lord is looking for a man to head up this ministry.  Are you that man?


The Lord is still opening doors for us in Texas.   Please pray that as I call the juvenile facilities there that those doors will be open, and that local independent Baptist churches would be willing to take the works.  I believe wholeheartedly that it is the responsibility of the local church to handle local ministries. 


Pray for our trailer. I did get the brakes worked on, and they are some better.  But, this home is wearing out. We got it in 2005 and have put many miles on it.  



We are home right now.  My wife was diagnosed with a type of migraine head ache that was causing her face to go numb and lose sight in one eye. Pray that the treatment she is taking will alleviate this problem.  At this writing, my health is good as far as I know.  I've still got to see my cancer doctor and my heart doctor.  But, we thank you for your prayers.



   Lastly,  we are looking for places to park in Texas while we are out there. Pray the Lord will help us find independent Baptist churches that will let us come by for a while.


Thank you for your prayer and support.



Ralph and Sandy Stokes

Victory for Troubled Youth



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