Victory For Troubled Youth
Missionaries to the Juvenile Delinquents of America
Ralph (R.E.) and Sandy Stokes

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Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,


    I am so thankful for your prayers and support. Since our last prayer letter many things have happened, all to the glory of the Lamb, slain from the foundation of the world!

    We were in Georgia for a while, and got to preach in the juvenile facility there. There were 6 boys and 1 girl that said they got saved that night.  And, in one of the churches there a young lady got saved.  God is so good.

     Then we were in Florida for about 2 weeks. Another answer to prayer there…yes, the Lord came through.  The Seminole Regional Juvenile Detention Center is open to the ministry, and Pastor Waller (Lighthouse Baptist Church) and several of his members went with me to the that juvenile facility there in Sanford on Saturday morning. Several young folks came to know the Lord Jesus Christ.  Pray for that church.  We believe the door is open, we just don’t know how open.  While there in Florida, we went with Victory Baptist Church, Pastor Brad Phillips, to the Orange RJDC in Orlando. They go every Thursday night, and have had over 2000 souls there profess Jesus Christ as their Saviour, since they started the work in 2004. Pray for them as they continue that work.

   Now we’re back in Alabama for a few days. My home church, (Victory Baptist Church, Pastor Steve Sanders), goes to several juvenile facilities here. (and jails).  On Monday night it is the Autauga HIT program (High Intensity Training) in Prattville, AL. On Tuesday night is the Mt. Meigs Juvenile Center in Montgomery, AL….going to 4 dorms on that night. On Thursday night it is back to Mt. Meigs to one more dorm. That one dorm is open on Thursday night because the boys in there are not allowed to participate with the other boys out there in any way. Why? Because these boys were already in juvenile somewhere in the state, and kept getting in more trouble; so the state separates them.  On Sunday mornings it’s to the Air Base Road Juvenile Center in Montgomery. Some of the men also go to the Elmore County Jail on Thursday nights. Please keep all these ministries in your prayers. Pray that the Lord keeps the doors open, and helps the men keep up the work.

   Finally, we were back in Salisbury, NC this past weekend. (Feb 3-4).  Our son-in-law, Dywane Burrell (married to our elder daughter Lori, and they have 4 children) was ordained and is now the assistant pastor at Gospel Light Baptist Church there. (Pastor Anthony Wike).  I was reminded of III John 4 I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.   We have three children…Lori, Shannyn and David.  Shannyn is married to fine young man, Jason Meadows who is Sunday School director and a deacon at our home church and they have two sons. David is married to a fine young lady, Billinda, and they have two daughters, one son and a baby on the way and attend a church in Prattville, AL.  Pray for all these that they will grow in the knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    And, pray for us. We leave this Saturday heading west. To see our schedule for this year you can go to our website (  Our first stop is in West Memphis, AR.  We hope to be in California by the first week in April. Thor of California, makers of our trailer, have agreed to repair some major damage on it at no cost to us.  Their office is in Moreno Valley.  We are still seeking meetings in the LA area, and are still seeking a place to stay while the trailer is being repaired. They called me today, and now say it may take longer than a week. We really need a place to stay while this work is being done. Would you pray for us on this?  If you know of any church that has a mission apartment (within 100 miles would be okay, preferably less though) please let us know.

   We also need some meetings in May, July and August. If you look on our website you will see the dates that are open.


Again, thank you all for all you do.


Ralph and Sandy Stokes


Phone:  704 798 9906




Sending church: Victory Baptist Church, Millbrook, AL

Phone:  334 285 5082


Pastor:  Steve Sanders


Thank you all for your support of this work, and the prayers.