Victory For Troubled Youth
Missionaries to the Juvenile Delinquents of America
Ralph (R.E.) and Sandy Stokes

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    Greetings once again to all our supporters, friends and family…we are continuing to recover. The work of reaching the troubled youth of America continues also.  During my recent checkup with my heart doctor I told him that I try to walk about 2 miles a day and I asked him could I do some running.  He told me to continue to walk; but don’t run yet.  I’m applying that to the ministry as well.  I find that I can drive 3 to 4 hours without tiring too much, and I need to do that driving during the morning hours. During the remainder of the day, and that night, I need to rest.  I’m scheduled to see my heart doctor again on September 10.  Until then, I will continue to take it easier than in the past.  My wife, Sandy, is also doing much better.  The doctors have got her asthma pretty well under control.  Only some of you know what a blessing it is to not be able to breathe well for so long, and then get it right so that now you can breathe freely.  Thank you for your prayers, and I thank our Lord for his great help. 

  We have been able to in the last month get two more works started in juvenile centers.  Walker Springs Road Baptist Church in Jackson, AL (Pastor David Webb) has taken the ministry at the Thomasville HIT program in Thomasville, AL.  Joe Byrd from my home church drove me down there on Thursday night May 29th.   Five men from Walker Springs Road Baptist Church met us there…including Pastor Webb.  I preached that night, and several young men came to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour.  Then Brother Joe Byrd drove me home.  I found I was almost completely worn out that night when I got home.  So, I learned to keep the driving time down, and it has helped.  The next Thursday, June 5th, I drove down to Jackson that morning.  Walker Springs Road Baptist Church has a mission house, and one of the men directed me to it. I rested there that afternoon, and then went to the Thomasville HIT with Pastor Webb and his men.  Most of the boys who had been saved the previous Thursday night came to the service.  Pastor Webb preached and did a fantastic job.  One more boy came to know Jesus Christ that night. Then I went back to mission house, spent the night, and drove back to Millbrook, AL Friday morning.  I found that to be the best way to do it.                                                                                                              

 The next Sunday morning, June 8th, I drove up to Albany, GA to Pine Bluff Baptist Church. The pastor there is Keith Smith.  I got there in time for Sunday morning services, and they put me in a nice room where I rested that afternoon.  After church that night I met with some of the folks interested in working in the juvenile facility there, then rested Sunday night.  Monday night, June 9th, we went to the Albany RYDC (Regional Youth Detention Center) and since it is regional, most of the kids in there live in and around Albany, GA.  The service was a bit disjointed with some boys electing to go outside instead of stay for church, yet wandering back in during the service. Yet the Lord prevailed. Thirteen young men and women came to know the Lord Jesus Christ.      I plan to do the same thing again the weekend of June 22nd.   Pine Bluff Baptist Church has this work every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month.

 Pray for them, and Walker Springs Road Baptist Church, as each church begins to undertake these works in their respective places.

Support address:  Victory for Troubled Youth, PO Box 1090, Millbrook, AL 36054

Victory for Troubled Youth Bible Fund: $96.00.  If you’d like to support this fund, send to the same address but mark it VFTY Bible Fund.  We use this to help churches get works started…supplying them with Bibles.  We get a case of 32 gift/award Bibles, black imitation leather cover, for $82.56 shipped.

Contact:  704 798 9906.  Church: 334 285 5082.  Email:

Thank you for your prayers and support in May. Ralph and Sandy Stokes