Victory For Troubled Youth
Missionaries to the Juvenile Delinquents of America
Ralph (R.E.) and Sandy Stokes

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                                                                                          VICTORY FOR TROUBLED YOUTH

  Greetings once again fellow Christians…we are still in Texas at this writing. We pray this finds all our friends and supporters doing well, and doing well in the Lord.  I’m sure thankful he saved me in 1982, called me to preach, and gave me a ministry to do for him. To our Lord Jesus Christ be all the glory!
1.       First, the work in Victoria, TX:  Roger Parrish and Western Hills Baptist Church in Victoria are taking this work.  This past Saturday, Jan 22, Pastor Parrish, a church member named John, and I went to that juvenile center (Victoria Regional Juvenile Justice Facility). We had 12 boys come to the service.  I preached and 6 of the 12 said they got saved!   Of the other six, one boy named Robby told me he believed in reincarnation.  I told him that would be okay until he died, and then he would wake up in hell. Pray for him that he will think about his beliefs and get saved. Pray also for Pastor Parrish and Western Hills Baptist Church as they take this work. They have the 4th Saturday of each month.
2.       Second, the work in Sinton, TX:  Dywane Burrell and Bible Baptist Church in Beeville, TX are taking this work. He and I went there for orientation on Thursday, Jan 23 and we were there from 10:00AM until 3:00PM. I think the man showing us around was lonely.   This juvenile center is called the San Patricio County Juvenile Detention Center.  Pastor Burrell and Bible Baptist Church have this work each Saturday morning. Pray for them as they undertake this ministry.  More people in the church need to step up.
3.       Third, we moved to San Antonio, TX.  The Bexar County (pronounced as “bear”) juvenile center is open.  We’ll be parking at Faith Baptist Church there and they and Huisache Baptist Church are interested in this work. Not sure what days are open, but will be getting applications in soon.  There are other facilities there: one is Mission Road Center, the other is Cyndi Taylor Krier Juvenile Correctional Treatment. Another is the Zero Tolerance Center. (That one is for youth not yet in detention).  Pray that the paperwork will move quickly through the system.
4.       Fourthly, later in February we will be moving up to Corsicana, TX.  There is one of the state juvenile centers called Corsicana Residential Treatment Center.   Chaplain Leggett there is helping me get cleared so that I’m cleared in all the state juvenile facilities in Texas. There are about 10 of them.   Then I could preach in all of them as the doors open.  We haven’t called any churches there yet, but pray the Lord will help us find some that are interested in helping these troubled youth.
5.       Fifthly, on February 8 I’m going to orientation for the Texas prison system. I’m doing that at the Halbert SAFPF (Substance Abuse Felony Punishment Facility) this will clear me for preaching in the prison system of Texas as the doors open.
6.       Lastly, about the middle of March we will head home. I have to see my cancer doctor on March 24 and my heart doctor after that for a stress test.  Sandy’s eye surgery was a great success.  Pray for us as we travel.  Sadly, fuel prices continue to rise as some supporters fall away.  However there is ONE that never fails us. 
If you live either in Central Time Zone or the Eastern Time Zone you can watch the service at Lancaster Baptist Church (Lancaster, C A…Pastor Paul Chappell)  live. The address is: . We have an interest in the work out there now since our grandson Stephen Burrell is there in Bible College. Pray for him that the he will get what the Lord has for him there.
If you don’t live in the Central Time Zone you can watch my home church live on the internet…the address is: .
The VFTY Bible Fund has $694.00 in it. We found a place online where we can get the student/gift award Bibles for $3.50 each, but that is with free shipping so the price is really around $3.00 each. Thanks to all of you who have kept this fund in the black ever since we started it.
Our contact info:  Ralph Stokes:  704 798 9906
                                 Sandy Stokes 334 531 1440
Our sending church:  Victory Baptist Church, Millbrook, AL Our pastor:  Steve Sanders.  334 285 5082. Best time to reach him is mornings.
Thank you for your support and prayers:Ralph and Sandy Stokes