Victory For Troubled Youth
Missionaries to the Juvenile Delinquents of America
Ralph (R.E.) and Sandy Stokes

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Greetings once again to all our friends, supporters and family…especially hello to all who are in the family of God with us: we thank you all for your support and prayers. We don’t deny the need for support to keep this ministry going, but your prayers are far more important. Your prayers keep us going, keep opening doors for us, and, I believe, please the heart of God.
1. While home we go to Mt. Meigs on Tuesday nights. It’s a long term juvenile center in Montgomery, AL. One night, a boy named Devin walked in (only one other boy came to the service that night) and Devin said, I need to get saved. I began to show him how, and he told me, you look familiar. Then asked, did you ever preach at the Autauga HIT program in Prattville? I said, yes, when home we do. He told me he had been there in December 2013, charged with armed robbery, but now was at Mt. Meigs charged with murder. He is 16 years old. He said he got saved that night, and I trust he did. Pray for him. The Lord knows who he is.
2. To illustrate once again the urgency of reaching the lost, I reproduce here a letter received from one of the juvenile centers: “Your work has a tremendous impact on our boys. I want to share something that happened Monday. A deeply touching moment at graduation, when I discovered there was a mother in the audience whose oldest son came through our program a year ago. She said he came home a “changed young man”. He was going to school; going to church and was the son she thought she had lost, much like the story of the prodigal son. He was home a little over a month when he was killed in a car wreck. Both of us became teary-eyed as she was sharing the story and thanking us for giving back her son for that month. We assured each other that as members of believers we knew her son was now with his Heavenly Father. For us with children, give them an extra hug, there are no guarantees. God’s peace.” That director is a saved man and as such is a great help to the ministry. But, as this shows, souls are stepping out into eternity, some without the Lord Jesus Christ, moment by moment.
3. Again, thank you for your prayers. While home, my wife had to have her other knee replaced, and she is doing pretty well. It was tough, but she is now on the better side of it. Most of you know that I had a heart attack in 2008, and at that time they put two stints in the right main artery that was plugged up. In 2009, I was back in the hospital because one of those stints had collapsed so another one was put in, giving me 3 in that artery. While home this time, when I would walk, or do any somewhat strenuous activity, my arms would hurt. I had an appointment with my heart doctor, and my wife told him about this, so he scheduled a stress test. The stress test showed some irregularities in my heart, so the doctor decided to do a heart cath. The heart cath showed that same artery 99.9% blocked. The doctor put two more stints in so now I
have 5 in that artery. He told my family that I was that close to a massive heart attack.
Thank you for praying. Keep it up.
4. Finally, continue to pray for my sister, Bonnie Rees. She has a tumor in her lower
abdomen and is back under chemo therapy.
5. Also, pray for our son David. He has the aortic aneurysm and in the last 3 weeks has
passed out twice. At this writing they have him hooked to a monitor for 21 days to try
to determine why he passed out. They did an echo gram on him and said his heart looks
good, and the aneurysm doesn’t appear to have grown. Please keep him in your prayers.
They live in Bradenton, FL now.
Our contact info remains the same: phone: 704 798 9906
Support address: Victory for Troubled Youth
PO Box 1090
Millbrook, AL 36054
Sending church: Victory Baptist Church, Millbrook, AL. Pastor: Steve Sanders. Phone: 334 285 5082