Victory For Troubled Youth
Missionaries to the Juvenile Delinquents of America
Ralph (R.E.) and Sandy Stokes

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First, we want to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for saving our souls, and putting us into the ministry. Without HIS help, nothing would go on. I got saved in 1982, and I freely admit he has been better to me than I’ll ever deserve.  His love for this sinner is amazing, and his grace extends to the greatest sinner who ever lived.  How can I not serve HIM?

    Second, much has transpired since our last letter. I know the normal thing in prayer letters is to talk about what’s going on in the ministry, but because many of you have wondered why you haven’t heard from us in a while, I hope to enlighten you on that.

    Since my last letter my wife has been in the hospital. We thought she was having a heart attack. The doctor did a heart cath on her, and found all arteries clear. She does have AFIB, so they are treating that. Please continue to pray for her, she also has a hiatal hernia that must be operated on soon.

    Also, I have faced some physical issues. About 3 weeks ago I planted three roses here on the property where we are parked. As I was putting the tools away, my left hand wouldn’t grip the handles. So, I put them up with my right hand. I came in and told my wife what had happened. Then, my left hand got to where I couldn’t open, nor close it.  We decided to go see our family doctor. He checked my strengths and found my left side weak. He gave me 4 baby aspirin and called the ambulance. At the hospital, after several tests, they found my right carotid artery 75% blocked. They also determined that the cause of the TIA was that some plaque had broken loose and gone to my brain. On April 5th, a vascular surgeon was able to get ALL the plaque out. As of today, it is healing. I go back Monday, April 17th for him to check it. Also, about 2 months ago, the doctor found that my gall bladder needs to come out. That surgery was scheduled for April 3rd, but obviously was not done. Pray that I will be able to get that surgery done soon.

   The ministry continues well, though I had to take most of this last week off. At the county jail in Selma, where we go on Wednesday nights, a while back, when we walked in, the staff told us there was a young man there that needed a Bible.  He couldn’t come to the chapel, so I went to his cell. His name is Tyrone, 18 years old, charged with murder. I gave him the Bible then asked him if he was going to heaven when he died. His answer?  I’ve been baptized. Well, he found out that no good works can save us. I gave him the gospel, and asked, Do you want to get saved now? He said, YES!  As far as I know, he did. The next Wednesday night he was in chapel.

    Over the years, we’ve seen many get saved, including staff. At the juvenile center in Selma, AL where I go on Friday nights, one of the staff there, a man from Wisconsin, got saved. I found out when he wanted to carry the box of Bibles and tracts for me one night. He told me that when I get so old I can’t walk, that he will push my wheel chair in, so I can preach to the boys and girls there.

    Yes, we serve an amazing God.

    Please, keep praying for the ministry, and for our health to keep us going. I want to serve the Lord Jesus Christ until my last breath on this earth.
  Our contact info remains the same.

  Sending church, Victory Baptist Church, Millbrook, AL Pastor Joey Byrd. Phone: 334-285-5082
  Support address: Victory for Troubled Youth.  PO Box 1090, Millbrook, AL 36054
  Ralph Stokes: Phone 704-798-9906. Email:
  Sandy Stokes: Phone 205-217-2773. Email:

VFTY Bible Fund is supported by our supporters. $2300.00  Thank you!

Update: went to see the surgeon today, April 17, 2017, and he says  it’s healing normally, and I see him again May 8th.