Victory For Troubled Youth
Missionaries to the Juvenile Delinquents of America
Ralph (R.E.) and Sandy Stokes

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                                                                                             VICTORY FOR TROUBLED YOUTH
Greetings once again to all our supporters, friends and family…at this writing we are in Deltona, FL and it are getting HOT down here. But, we are having a good time. This past Sunday morning I preached here at Temple Baptist Church (Pastor Chester Thrift) and a mother got saved, then after church, our great nephew, Christopher Matteau, aged 14, got saved! So, yes, it was a great day!
Before we left Alabama, I got to preach on Monday night at the Autauga HIT program (my home church, Victory Baptist Church, (Pastor Steve Sanders) goes there every Monday night. Well, on that Monday between 15 and 20 boys said they got saved. Then on the following Tuesday night I preached in a dorm at Mt. Meigs Juvenile Center in Montgomery, AL (my church goes there every Tuesday and Thursday nights. There three more got their name in God’s book of life. Here’s my point, if these juvenile centers here in America will just let us in with the word of God, then we could possibly make a real change in America. (Not the kind Obama promised.)
Here in Florida we will be going to juvenile centers already open, and hope to open some more. Please pray for Temple Baptist Church here in Deltona. They had the work in the Volusia County Juvenile Center in Daytona Beach every Saturday except the first. And, they have been going there since 2003. This past week they were told that their services will be cut to just the 2nd and 3rd Saturdays. Thankfully, they still get to go, but this is the first time that I know about where a faithful church lost some place in the juvenile center. Pray that they are not dropped any more.
Pray also for Victory Baptist Church in Ocoee (Pastor Brad Phillips). They have had the ministry in the Orange County Juvenile Center in Orlando, FL. The word of God has been so effective there that the number of youth in the facility has been reduced.
Finally, our health: my wife’s asthma still bothers her at times. We’re trying some allergy medicines, pray that they work. My health: the cancer doctor says I’m still cancer free. The heart doctor, after a stress test, told me all is normal and he’ll see me in 6 months. I still have to go back June 24th for another cancer checkup. If I’m still clear on the checkup in Sept/Oct, I should be free to be gone more months at the time getting works going in juvenile centers.
Now, in our last letter we mentioned the need for a new 5th wheel. I didn’t give many reasons. Here are a few:
1. The steps need replacing…one side is broken.
2. I have to get under the trailer to dump one of the grey water tanks. It needs a 7 foot line to reach it, and Thor, the manufacturer of this trailer is no longer in existence. They are the only one that made a 7 foot one. (As far as I know, and I’ve checked several places.)
3. While passing through Louisiana earlier this year, a tire blew out on the passenger side of the trailer…blowing part of the siding off, and holes in the kitchen floor.
4. At this writing, our slides have not worked since we left Alabama. I cranked them in manually, but there is no way to crank them out. We THINK it is a relay, and it is ordered. (Pray that the relay fixes that problem).
5. Our AC cannot keep up with the summer heat. If we’re on 50AMP, we can run the bedroom AC and the main AC, and get by. On 30AMP, we just stay warm in here. The 5th wheel we hope to get will have heat pump at the main AC. Plus the bedroom AC will be ducted. The one in the bedroom now just blows in the bedroom. It helps, but ducted would be better.
6. Leaks. Our roof has been patched and re patched, but still we have leaks. It needs a new roof. There are other things, but I think you get the idea.
Now, what are we looking at? The 5th wheel we are looking at has a base price of $70.157.00. The Carriage packages total $14.843.00…those “packages” are: “Bigfoot”, “Luxury”, “Performance” and “Canadian”. Here’s the good news…Carriage gives these packages as an incentive. They will cost us nothing. Lazydays of Tampa, FL sent us an order sheet. Adding all the options we need…a generator (several times when broken down beside the road we could have used a generator) disk brakes (I don’t know any other 5th wheel that offers them) with all the options our total was $93,000.00. I sent that to Lazydays of Tampa, and after a couple days they wrote back and said we could get that 5th wheel for $68,973.00. So, that’s where we are now. Waiting on our Lord to see what he will do. Is anything too hard for the Lord?
VFTY Bible Fund: $659.30 VFTY RV Fund: $0.00

Our contact info remains the same:
Support: VFTY, PO Box 1090, Millbrook, AL 36054
Our sending church: Victory Baptist Church, Millbrook, AL. Pastor Steve Sanders. 334 285 5082
Phones: Ralph Stokes 704 798 9906. Sandy Stokes 334 531 1440. We are on Verizon…so if you have Verizon it’s a free call.
Email: Ralph Stokes Sandy Stokes
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Thank you for your support and prayers. Ralph and Sandy Stokes