Victory For Troubled Youth
Missionaries to the Juvenile Delinquents of America
Ralph (R.E.) and Sandy Stokes

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                VICTORY BEHIND BARS




Victory Behind Bars

  We want to thank you all for your support and prayers. We are, as they say, back in the saddle.  I must give the Lord Jesus Christ all the credit for it, but we know his heart is moved when his people cry out to him. Thank you for praying.

This letter won’t be long, because the keyboard is still somewhat new to me.

I could begin driving again in January, but only in the daytime. February, was when I began driving myself to some places we preach, but it was March, late March, before I began going to all the places I did before the stroke.

As for the stroke, doctors have found no cause for it. A CT scan of my brain with dye showed nothing. I wore a heart monitor for 4 weeks, and that showed nothing. They know the stroke was in my brain stem but can’t find the cause. I think I know. When anyone is preaching that old Black backed Book to the lost and to the saved, there’s someone that doesn’t like it. The Lord must allow him to do his evil work, but we have evidence from scripture that sometimes he does.

The Lord has been better to us than we deserve. By the grace of God, we’re going to keep on until he says we are finished.

VFTY Bible Fund $912.00

Contact info: Victory Baptist Church, PO Box 1090, Millbrook, AL 36022. Pastor Joey Byrd.

My phone 704 798 9906, my wife’s 205 258 9809

Thank you for your support and prayers.