Victory For Troubled Youth
Missionaries to the Juvenile Delinquents of America
Ralph (R.E.) and Sandy Stokes

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                                                                                           VICTORY FOR TROUBLED YOUTH
Ralph and Sandy Stokes
Greetings once again to all our supporters and friends and family…the work in New York is very interesting. Will tell you more about it in this letter, but first I want to thank my Lord Jesus Christ for saving my soul in 1982. I’ve never got over that, and hope I never do. I also want to thank him for helping my brother Roger. As of today, Roger is cancer free! Also, our son David is doing well. He still has to go to the Cleveland Clinic near Miami, FL for checkups, but is working and seems to be doing well. My wife, Sandy, has good days and not-so-good days with her asthma. Please continue to pray for her.
New York--- there are so many things going on there it will be hard to put it all in this one letter. Bible Baptist Church in Ghent, NY has a work in a juvenile detention center in Hudson, NY. One man out of the church goes there…his name is John Cutler. While there I went with him twice, and both times only 2 boys came to the service. (One of them got saved the second night!). But, he only has boys coming from one unit, and there are 7 units. He just called the other day, and they have opened it up to one more unit. He said 6 boys came that night. We’ve been praying, and I’m asking you to pray, that the Lord will open the door for ALL the units to come to the service, and that the Lord will raise John up some help at the church.
In Fredonia, NY we were with Pastor Burke, at Victory Baptist Church. For some time he had been praying to get a work in the Lakeview Shock Treatment Center in Brockton, NY. (Nearby). Well, Saturday March 10 we got to go there. We had the men first and 15 came to the service. Five said they got saved! Then we had the women and about 40 of them came. Of them, over half said they got saved! Pray for Pastor Burke and his church. He wants to keep going to this center. It’s not a juvenile center, but they have inmates there from 17 to 49 years old. (It used to be 17 to 25 years old, but the state in its “wisdom” decided to change it to 17 to 49 years old.)
At Gospel Light Baptist Church in Rochester, NY (Pastor Vince Giardino) we found a juvenile center in Rush, NY (about 20 minutes away) called the Industry Residential Center. It has 55 boys in it. It also has a chaplain, and HER name is Chaplain Carter. Pastor Giardino and I went over and spent about 2 hours with her. At one point the pastor called her “Chaplain Carter”. She plainly told him it’s “Reverend Carter”…so you know it’s going to be difficult getting a work in there. Pray the Lord tenders her heart (her own testimony told us she was reared as a conservative Baptist). There were several men in the church hoping to go to that center.
Also pray for a young man I met down in New York City. His name is Chris and he lives in the Bronx, but after I talked to him he said he got saved! Pray that we can help him find a church, and pray that we can find him again. I don’t know his last name. I know where he works, and his boss is saved and believes the King James Bible. Pray that we can get linked up again. I met his boss there in New York City also. His name is Phil Piccolo. We’re asking the Lord to help get Chris in a good church.
On the bus coming back from New York City I met a 32 year old man named Martin. We chatted most of the way back, but when I brought up the Lord Jesus Christ he leaned over to me and told me we’d have disagree there. I asked him if he is a sinner. He said, “No”. I then asked him if he’d ever lied. He said, “Yes, is that a sin”? I told him one of God’s commandments is “thou shalt not bear false witness”, and he said, “Oh”. I’d like to say he got saved, but we had to get off the bus, and all I could do was plant that seed. The Lord knows where he is. Pray for him for his salvation.
Also, pray for some folks in Black Creek Baptist Church, Black Creek, NY. Pastor John Asquith. I got to preach there Sunday morning and evening May 13. Several folks were unsaved and one even texted the pastor and said “salvation is so elusive to me”. It isn’t. Salvation is today and now.
Thank you for your SUPPORT and PRAYERS.

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