Victory For Troubled Youth
Missionaries to the Juvenile Delinquents of America
Ralph (R.E.) and Sandy Stokes

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                   VICTORY FOR TROUBLED YOUTH Greetings once again from New York; weíre doing pretty well. There are several juvenile centers in NY and some in NJ that we are working on. I will tell you more about them later.

1. My wifeís health. At this writing she is not doing well. As you know she has asthma and it seems that a summer cold has taken hold and wonít let go. She has had pneumonia twice since 2010, and weíre going to get her checked today. Do pray for her health.

2. My health. Iím doing well for a 62 year old man. I do appreciate your prayers. I know several times when things have happened God had to be in it and it was due to Godís people praying. Right now, in my left eye there is a partial spider web look. I went to an ophthalmologist in Baldwinsville, NY and he said there are no torn vessels and the retina is not torn. He said these things come with age. I guess so, but we do covet your prayers.

3. In New Jersey, down near Galloway, there are three juvenile detention centers that MAY be open to the ministry. We were at Jersey Shore Baptist Church (Pastor Erickson) and they were quite interested in getting some works started. Right now, we are in the preparation stage. Getting those who are interested qualified to go in, and helping them to understand what we can, and cannot, do in those centers. We hope to be back down there in the middle of September. Pray that the doors are open and that we will be able to get the works started.

4. In New York, there are still some we are working on. In Syracuse, thereís Hillbrook. This one reminds me of one in Thomasville, GA. I called that one in Thomasville for over 4 years before we were finally able to get a work started there. Hillbrook seems to be headed that way. Iíve called, and called, and called. Each time Iím told I will be called back. Well, not yet. Also, in New York, the Haskins Detention Center down in Binghamton is slightly open. Temple Baptist Church in Norwich is interested in the work. The pastor there is Vince Williams. Pray that this work gets going soon. Also, in New York in Rochester we are still working on the one called ďIndustryĒ and itís in the little town of Rush, NY. The chaplain there is playing hard to get, but prayer can move her heart. Please pray.

5. In early September we will be in Vermont. I know there are juvenile centers in the state, but will find them when we get there. I doubt there are very many in the state.

6. We are still working on the one down in Hagerstown, MD. Itís more a matter of finding a church there that wants it. I believe the door is open. The fields are still white unto harvest and the laborers are still few.

7. Our RV is doing pretty well, but when we were heading down to NY on I-476 the emergency window in the bedroom fell out! Insurance is going to pay for most of it, except our deductible, but the problem has been finding time to get it replaced. Buffalo RV said they could, but it would be 4 weeks before they could get a window. In four weeks weíre supposed to be in Vermont. So, it has a piece of plywood that I put on there to keep most of the rain and bugs out. Pray that we can get this fixed somewhere soon.

Finally, our contact information remains the same: Ralph Stokes: 704 798 9906 our website: Sandy Stokes: 334 531 1440 Sending Church: Victory Baptist Church, Millbrook, AL. Pastor Steve Sanders. 334 285 5082. Support address: VFTY PO Box 1090, Millbrook, AL 36054

Thank you for your support and prayers.

Ralph and Sandy Stokes