Victory For Troubled Youth
Missionaries to the Juvenile Delinquents of America
Ralph (R.E.) and Sandy Stokes

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Greetings to all: thank you all for praying for us. The ministry goes well. The Lord is opening doors for us, and I thank him for it. But, I want to thank him most of all for his great salvation he gave to me back in January 1982. He found a lost, hell-bound religious sinner and showed him he must be saved. I thank him too, for allowing me to preach his precious words, his precious blood, and his precious self to other lost, hell-bound sinners.
Please, continue to pray for the works at my home church in Alabama. That’s Victory Baptist Church in Millbrook, AL. They have several juvenile and jail ministries. One is on Tuesday nights at Mt. Meigs in Montgomery, AL. It’s about a 45 minute drive there from the church. What I’d like for you to pray about is that God would intervene. Often during the services the preaching is interrupted by “meds”. You may have 8 or 9 boys in the service and about to give the invitation and they will come and take 5 or 6 out for “meds”. Now, I don’t know if they actually need the medicines, or not, but I do know Satan doesn’t want any of them to get saved. So, please pray that the meds can be done at another time.
Also, our church for some time has had a ministry at the Montgomery County Juvenile Detention Center, and we have that on Sunday mornings at 8:00. We have it 3 months at the time. In the past it has been some sort of Baptist church having the other 3 months, but when we took it over again in July, we found that it was Jehovah Witnesses now. (False Witnesses). I found that out the first Sunday we had them while showing the boys that the Lord Jesus Christ took our sins, sorrows, guilt, shame and all to hell when he died. One of the boys raised his hand and spelled out “hades” which it what his “bible” said. Then he told me the people there last week told them that the grave is hell and that we all die and then 1000 years later we are raised up to see if we are worthy of eternal life…on earth! Thankfully, the Spirit of God got through to them, and several gave up religion and trusted Jesus Christ to save them. Please, pray that the Lord will somehow move those JW’s out of there. The boys are confused enough by their home life and the public schools. It would be a blessing if Victory Baptist Church could have all the services there.
We are in Texas now. And, the Lord is opening doors for us here. This past Saturday, August 10, I was allowed to preach in a prison near here called Garza West. The chaplain let them know it was time for service and when they all got in there, there were about 235 men. When I gave the invitation to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved, over half of them stood up! They didn’t give us time to speak with any of them individually, but I pray they all meant it. I know if they called on him, he saved them.
Then, please pray for the coming Saturday, the 24th of August. I will be preaching that morning at the Ernestine Glossbrenner Prison in San Diego, TX. I will have two services that morning and then at 5:30 in the evening will be preaching in a juvenile detention center there. Pray that Spirit of God precedes us there and softens the hearts of the men and the boys to God’s saving grace, and that many of them will come to know him that day.
Finally, please continue to pray for my wife, Sandy. She still is recovering from the knee replacement on
May 6. Her nausea is better, but still at times it bothers her too. We have a good bit of traveling to do
as next month we are heading up to Nebraska. So, please, pray for her.
Our contact info remains the same:
Phone: 704 798 9906 is me. 334 531 1440 is Sandy. 334 285 5082 is our home church. Steve Sanders
is our pastor.
My email is: My wife’s email: Our pastor’s
Our website: Our church’s website:
Thank you for your support and prayers.
Ralph and Sandy Stokes