Victory For Troubled Youth
Missionaries to the Juvenile Delinquents of America
Ralph (R.E.) and Sandy Stokes

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Greetings once again to all you who receive this prayer letter.  Today, as I write this, we are in Silver Springs, NV…a very small community, no city government, but there is a juvenile facility here.  It’s called The Western Nevada Regional Juvenile Center.  A Mr. Lon Cook is the director of this place, and I have called him several times but have had no response. An older preacher who is leaving the area had a job there as a part-time counselor, and he told me there is NO preaching in this facility, and that working there he could not approach the kids but must wait until, and unless, they come to him. How often does a lost, hell-bound sinner come to you asking how to be saved?  Pray for Faith Baptist Church here, and Pastor Dick Cervi. The pastor and several folks in the church, have a heart to try to reach these youth. Pastor Cervi is calling the facility also. Pray that God moves Lon Cook’s heart to allow this church to present Jesus Christ, the only living Saviour, the coming KING of Kings and LORD of Lords, to these children.


    Pray also for Pastor Randy Ralston and Lighthouse Baptist Church in Reno, NV. The juvenile facility there DOES have some religion in it, and, in fact, has a chaplain. His name is Marvin Neal. The chaplain told me that we get the applications from him, and once cleared, he will assign us to a team. Each team consists of 2 to 6 people. Pray that Chaplain Neal will allow Lighthouse Baptist Church be there own team. Pastor Ralston plans to have lunch with Chaplain Neal soon. Pray that God move Chaplain Neal’s heart during that lunch meeting…the kids in that facility need the truth that only comes from God’s Book, the King James Bible.


    Pastor Josh Ely, Heritage Baptist Church, Chubbuck, ID (Pocatello) and his church are looking into a juvenile facility there. It’s called the Bannock County Juvenile Detention Center.  Good news.  They met with Seth Scott yesterday (August 21, 2007) and this door is open!  Pastor Ely is going to have a meeting with the folks in his church that were interested (and there were several when we were there).  They probably will have services on Saturdays. The weekday time available is 4PM.  Not many working people can get there at that time. But do pray for them as they undertake this ministry.


   We’re going to Winnemucca, NV next to be with Pastor Doug Mondt and Lighthouse Baptist Church there. We helped them get a ministry in the juvenile facility there back in 2002 and they are still doing it.  Pray for them to be able to continue the work.


   Finally, pray for us.  We still have many miles to cover before getting home to Alabama in middle November.  Pray that the Lord keeps opening doors, and that he will direct our path for next year. Sandy and I are doing fine…her health is much improved. Would be good to see some rain…none here for over 80 days…but that’s only the 10th longest time they’ve gone without rain!


Our contact info remains the same: Phone 704 798 9906. Email

Sending church: Victory Baptist  Church,  PO Box 1090, Millbrook, AL 36054   Pastor Steve Sanders.  Church phone:  334 285 5082.


Ralph and Sandy Stokes  Thank you again for your support and prayers.