Victory For Troubled Youth
Missionaries to the Juvenile Delinquents of America
Ralph (R.E.) and Sandy Stokes

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 Greetings dear friends, family, and supporters…the Lord Jesus Christ is still on the throne, still the coming KING of Kings and LORD of lords, and my God and my Saviour.

Thank you who gave towards our pole barn that will be built over our trailer. And all of you did give one way or the other. If you support us regularly, you gave. If you pray for us, you gave. If you think of us from time to time, you gave, and we thank you. We now have enough funds to get the pole barn built and with global warming upon us (I jest) we are going to need it. It will be a blessing during the hot months, and all year round protecting the trailer from the elements. So, again, thank you!

The ministry goes well. In one of the juvenile centers we go to I noticed while preaching that two of the older boys were either friends, and somehow connected, and both were silently encouraging the other not to listen to the gospel as it was being preached. But one of them, when I gave the invitation, without looking at the other, raised his hand that he wanted to get saved. That took Godly courage. As far as I know, that one did give saved, in spite of the evil eye from his “friend”. Praise the Lord!

At the jail in Selma we go to, this last Wednesday night, they called me before we left. Three men had escaped and they only had one in custody, so the jail was locked down…we couldn’t get in. That has been and fruitful ministry in spite of the devil and his crowd preaching a false gospel in there. There is a chalk board in the chapel, and nearly every week when we go in, it has written on it: The Plan of Salvation. Under the title there are about 10 things one must do to be saved, and of course, one of is you must be baptized. Well, you and I know, if anything is added to the finished work of Jesus Christ, there may be religion, but no salvation.

Our Bible Fund is in a place I’ve never seen it in almost 25 years in this ministry…it’s in the hole. At this writing it’s at negative $219.00. If you can help send it to VFTY Bible Fund, PO Box 1090, Millbrook, AL 36054. Every penny sent to the Bible Fund goes for Bibles and tracts.

Thank you all for your support and prayers.
Contact info remains the same: support…VFTY PO Box 1090, Millbrook, AL 36054
Pastor, Joey Byrd…334 285 5082. Ralph Stokes: 704 798 9906. Sandy Stokes: 205 217 2773
My phone had to be factory reset recently. If I had your phone number, I probably don’t now. Please text me or call me if you would.