Victory For Troubled Youth
Missionaries to the Juvenile Delinquents of America
Ralph (R.E.) and Sandy Stokes

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   It has been a while since our last prayer letter.  Much has transpired since then, but we really thank you for your support and prayers.

   On September 29th I had a stroke. It got my right leg, right arm, and speech.  Because you prayed to the Great Physician it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. I had two TIAs, which put me in the hospital. They ran many tests, but couldn’t find anything. However, from the first day they were giving me a blood thinner shot in my stomach twice a day. When this stroke did come, it started in my brain stem, and could have been much worse.

   At this writing I am walking without a cane. The doctors still will not allow me to drive. What makes that worse, my wife can’t drive at night. But thankfully, brothers in the Lord are picking me up for juvenile. I got to preach in one about a month after my stroke. It was a blessing.

   Pray for my wife. She takes me and our neighbor to all our appointments. It’s hard on her.

Do continue to pray for us. With the Lord’s help we will be “back in the saddle” before long.

Our contact numbers: Church, Pastor Byrd 334-285-5082.

                                         Ralph Stokes 704-798-9906

                                         Sandy Stokes 205-258-9809 (new number)

Thank you for your support and prayers

                 Ralph Stokes