Victory For Troubled Youth
Missionaries to the Juvenile Delinquents of America
Ralph (R.E.) and Sandy Stokes

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Why We Go To Juvenile Detention Centers


1.      We want to make sure that the youth find out that salvation is FREE in Jesus Christ.  Acts 4:12 tells us we MUST be saved, and we know that without salvation, hell is their eternal destination.  We are commanded in 2 Corinthians 5 to tell the world, BE YE RECONCILED TO GOD.  We take this as a command, not an option.  We have found the juvenile detention centers of America to be a “field white unto harvest.”

2.      Secondly, we want to put a copy of God’s pure, inspired, inerrant words, the King James Bible, into their hands so they have the possibility to hide God’s words in their hearts.  We make no compromise on this.  No other “bible”, “text”, or such, except the King James Bible, AV 1611, will suffice.  We offer these Bibles as a gift to the youths.

3.      We also teach those who are saved how to live for Jesus Christ.  They must know that salvation has assured them a home in heaven, and that Jesus Christ saved them in order that they would live for him while on earth.  We believe the Lord Jesus Christ has a purpose for every saved soul, and that purpose is revealed to the saved by the scriptures through reading, prayer, attendance to preaching, and obedience to those scriptures.

4.      Victory for Troubled Youth seeks to enlist and instruct local King James Bible believing Baptist churches in this vital work.  We call the juvenile detention centers and find out if there is an opening for us to get a work started there.  If there is, we look for a solid local church to take that work. We assist that church in every way possible.   We do not believe this is the ONLY ministry a church should have, but it is one that is available to many churches.  All King James Bible believing Baptist churches can have a part in this work…by praying for us and/or supporting Victory for Troubled Youth.

5.      Lastly, the Judgment Seat of Christ, where all the saved will give account of themselves to God, should be kept in mind as we travel this earth below.  One day we will give account to God for all opportunities to serve him that were turned down, we didn’t see, or were simply overlooked.  Our hearts will be grieved, as the Holy Spirit is now grieved by the lack of King James Bible Baptist churches now in this work…reaching the lost generation of America. The devil has his advocates in these juvenile centers. God wants HIS soldiers there. The Lord Jesus Christ will receive all the glory! Amen!


Ralph and Sandy Stokes: sent by Victory Baptist Church, PO Box 1090, Millbrook, AL 36054.  The phone there is 334 285 5082.  Our pastor is Steve Sanders.  Our phone number is:  704 798 9906.  Our email is: