California Juvenile Centers


We know of only one King James Bible work in the California system…that being the one in the facility in Sacramento. Liberal religious groups control much of the work in California.



DeWitt Nelson Youth Correctional Facility  (YCF)

Stockton, CA  400 Males.


Karl Holton Youth Correctional Drug and

Alcohol Abuse Treatment Facility

Stockton, CA   403 Males


N. A. Chaderjian YCF

Stockton, CA  788 Males


O.H. Close YCF

Stockton, CA 409 Males


El Paso de Robles YCF

Paso Robles, CA  950   Males


Fred C. Nelles YCF

Whittier, CA 756 Males


Heman G. Stark YCF

Chino, CA  1870 Males


Preston YCF

Ione, CA  761 Males


Ventura YCF

Camarillo, CA  750 Males  275 Females


Northern Youth Correctional Reception Center and Clinic

Sacramento, CA  433 Males.

Regency Baptist Church, Pastor Steve Nichols, Orangevale, CA has work here.


Southern Youth Correctional Reception Center and Clinic

Norwalk, CA 441 Males


Ben Lomond Youth Conservation Camp (YCC)

Santa Cruz, CA  83 Males


Mt. Bullion YCC

Mariposa, CA  99 Males


Pine Grove YCC

Pine Grove, CA  90 Males


Washington Ridge YCC

Nevada City, CA  85 Males